Vancouver Real Estate Prices Result in Refugee Relocation

Imagine having to move all the way across the country just to find an affordable place to live.  That’s not quite so hard to imagine for previous Vancouver residents.  In fact, it is their exact story that is being told here today so that you can see for yourself just how crazy the situation has gotten, so crazy that even Vancouver realtor, Dave Jenkins has commented on this.  Whether moving is something that you had considered before now or not, you may have to, if you want to find a home that is on budget and in a spot that is kinda sorta similar to Vancouver.


These two west coasters had to pack up their bags and head east so that they could find an affordable place to live.  They ended up as far east as you can go, St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador.  This is where they found a gorgeous home that hit all of their targets in terms of “must haves”, not to mention their budget.

Having lived in Vancouver before, they wanted to stay in this built up city so that they could continue working and living in a world they enjoyed, but also create a permanent life for themselves in a home that they loved.  Not only was this family unable to find a home that they loved, they couldn’t even find one that they liked.  Not in their budget, anyway.  The homes were all extremely overpriced and, essentially, forced this couple out of the city limits and to another side of the country.


Though they are enjoying their home in friendly St. Johns, they say that Vancouver was the place they wanted to live.  It had their friends and family and their careers that they had worked hard to establish.  It’s hard to imagine that the housing marking is that bad, but this couple here is proof that it is, in fact, as bad as this.

The idea of having to simply relocate yourself because you are majorly out priced by the market is an appalling thought and it is one that is registering in the minds of many that are looking at the market prices and thinking “there’s no way this is going to work.”  This couple is living proof that this can happen.


They’re making the most of it, though, enjoying the rich culture of St. John’s and the friendly people that they meet on the street.  While there have been challenges of living out this way (most of which are due to jobs), this couple has decided to make the most out of a bad situation.


It shows you, however, that something needs to change.  It isn’t acceptable that an established couple who have been doing well with managing their different parts of life, need to move all the way across the country just to find an affordable place to live.  It is terrifying and silly and it definitely needs to be fixed before more people start to follow this idea and St. John’s get’s overloaded.


Whether this is a heartwarming story for you, or a sad one, use it in a way that will motivate you to move into the future and do something about the real estate market while you’re at it.

Eddie Yan, realtor


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