Disadvantages of App Store Rankings

Disadvantages of App Store Rankings


There are also some disadvantages of app store rankings also because it is difficult to please everybody. Still, most of the people on this globe are using it as an effective technique to meet the goals in app developing and maintenance. It teaches them different lessons regarding the optimization of their apps and also app stores. But, everything has also some disadvantages concealed in it that are revealed with the passage of time when more and more people start using it. Every one tests these apps in his particular style and according to his own taste. Then the reviews are published about its advantages and disadvantages. Following are the main disadvantages of app store rankings:

  1. Time Consuming

The very first disadvantage is that the process consumes a lot of time if we wish to do it properly and completely. Every app needs to be regularly checked and updated to maintain its effectiveness. There are many such developers as have no time to keep the app up to date and they suffer. Moreover, the apps are usually given in various languages and it is too much time consuming to update every language. It also requires reading the reviews and engaging with the user to know the shortcomings in the app which is also impossible for every app developer.

  1. Results take Longer Time

The next disadvantage of app store ranking and optimization is that often the results come too late to correct them. This is because every user cannot test the minutes of an app, but with the passage of time its usage reveals its facts. And also, all the users are not responsible enough to review the app after using because these reviews are of prime importance while checking and using of an app.

  1. Different App Store Use Different Methods

Although the main purpose of doing app store ranking is the same across all the app stores, yet there are some differences in their optimization techniques. For example, apple always stands out in its techniques of ranking apps. They have changed their algorithm related to the app store ranking. Almost key word and title is the one thing that is included in the process of all. After that changes are introduced.

In the end, it can be said that in spite of all its disadvantages , app store rankings is very beneficial for a common man because only through its use the user is apple to find the app of his choice from tons of apps.

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