A white escape

A white escape

Being home in winter is such a great option, especially if you have some winter images there to admire. As winter is the coldest season of the year, it is the time in which many people around the world enjoy staying in and feeling warm and comfortable.

Winter across the globe

The weather outside can be a bit harsh during the three colder months of the year, so fancying the beautiful winter landscapes nature gives us through the window is more convenient than being out there feeling frozen.  However, lovely winter sceneries are not always available in the comfort of your own home since the probability of seeing snow will depend on the place in which you are. For instance, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you will probably not be able to see snow or frozen lakes unless you live near elevated regions such as the Andes, located on the western edge of South America. On the other hand, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you will be able to contemplate amazing snowy outlooks almost everywhere.

Winter depicted graphically

As stated above, weather events are responsible for not everyone being lucky enough to see snow. Many of us have only seen it once and many others know snow only because they have had access to photographs and videos portraying the winter in colder zones. This means that if photography did not exist, many people would not know how snow looks.  Fortunately, almost everyone has access to this kind of material. Photography is not something unattainable and thanks to the connectivity internet gives us, we all have seen snow-covered parks, frozen rivers, snowflakes and snowmen even though some of us live in the hottest countries.

White images everywhere

Winter has been depicted in many ways through the years. The way in which people have been able to contemplate cold weather has evolved from painting, drawings, sculptures to more detailed and high-quality images we have access to nowadays.
Many people choose to keep breathtaking images of snowy trees and houses, frozen landscapes, rivers and lakes wherever they can- phones, computers and even in their desks as a souvenir of a lovely winter vacation that took place in the past.
Some people consider this season their favorite and therefore, they look forward to dressing in layers during the whole year. That is why it is very nice to keep winter images in a place we see often to remind us of how beautiful and cozy this time of the year is.


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